Technology The Flow FISH technology was developed here in Vancouver by Dr. Peter Lansdorp, a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of RepeatDx. The Flow Fish procedure used at RepeatDx has gone through numerous modifications since it was first published in Nature Protocol in 2006. Continuous improvements have resulted in the highest quality and most reproducible clinically available telomere test on the market.

Commitment RepeatDx is a licensed private clinical laboratory. Our emphasis is on providing the best telomere length test to physicians. RepeatDx performs telomere length diagnostic testing designed and validated to meet the clinical requirements of standardization, sensitivity, and specificity. We do not perform any other type of clinical diagnostic testing.

Exclusivity RepeatDx is the only clinical laboratory providing telomere length on 6 cell types from one blood sample. RepeatDx’s 6-Panel test provides additional diagnostic information on telomeres that are used by physicians worldwide in assisting them with proper diagnosis and continued patient care.

Quality RepeatDx’s improved flow cytometry based Flow FISH procedure gives us the added ability to analyze telomere length in children and young adults with dyskeratosis congenita and in patients with pulmonary fibrosis, aplastic anemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, and other telomere biology disorders. Results from Flow FISH telomere length measurements guide personalized treatment options and strategies.

Operations RepeatDx has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment including two new flow cytometry analyzers. Both instruments were customized to meet the exclusive requirement to provide superior telomere length measurements.  RepeatDx’s improved Flow FISH procedure has proven to be the most accurate and reproducible measurement of human leukocyte’s telomeres in comparison to other available procedures.