The Company

RepeatDx’s results provide diagnostic information on telomeres that are used by physicians worldwide in assisting them with proper diagnosis and continued patient care. We are focused on providing the best telomere analysis diagnostic test for patients.

RepeatDx’s unique flow cytometry based Flow-FISH procedure gives us the ability to analyze telomere length in children and young adults with dyskeratosis congenita and in patients with aplastic anemia, chronic myeloid leukemia and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Results from Flow-FISH telomere length measurements guide personalized treatment options and strategies.

In the clinical setting, Flow-FISH has proven to be more accurate, reproducible, sensitive, and specific in the measurement of human leukocyte’s telomeres in comparison to other procedures.

RepeatDx performs telomere length diagnostic testing designed and validated to meet the clinical requirements of standardization, sensitivity, and specificity.

Clinicians and researchers using RepeatDx’s Flow-FISH technology have found that the telomere length from patients with aplastic anemia holds predictive value for the response to immunosuppressive therapy and with time to disease progression in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia.