RepeatDx and Telomere Testing

Flow FISH Technology trusted by Physicians and Hospitals Worldwide

Telomeres have emerged as a fundamental cellular component in aging and various diseases including rare genetic conditions and cancer.

RepeatDx is the leading clinical diagnostic laboratory specializing in telomere length testing. Our goal is to assist physicians to find solutions to their most challenging cases; patients with heritable diseases. Telomere length information is used in the diagnosis of bone marrow failure, dyskeratosis congenita and pulmonary fibrosis.

Since 2005, we have earned the trust of physicians by performing complex Flow FISH telomere length analysis at the highest level of quality and with exceptional levels of client service.

Our Accreditation and Licenses

RepeatDx is the only clinical laboratory accredited to provide Telomere Length Analysis in all 50 US States and Territories. We are also licensed in Canada by the BC DAP program. Review Licenses»