RepeatDx is the only fully accredited provider of telomere testing services to medical professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe. We do not provide services direct-to-consumer (also known as “DTC” testing) but only through healthcare professionals. 

Telomere biology disorders are caused by extremely short telomeres. When telomeres become extremely short, cells can no longer divide effectively. This may be caused by inherited deficiencies in genes involved in telomere maintenance or telomere biology.

The RepeatDx® procedure has been shown to be a valuable screening test for inherited telomere maintenance deficiencies. Several peer-reviewed scientific publications show that telomere length analysis with Flow FISH can be used to identify individuals with various forms of inherited telomerase deficiency and carriers of mutations in telomerase genes or in genes encoding telomere binding proteins. 

Inherited deficiencies where telomere measurements are used in diagnosis include bone marrow failure, dyskeratosis congenita, immune deficiencies and pulmonary fibrosis.

The RepeatDx® Advantage

The Flow FISH technology was developed here in Vancouver by Dr. Peter Lansdorp, a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of RepeatDx. The Flow FISH procedure used at RepeatDx has undergone numerous modifications since it was first published in Nature Protocols in 2006. Continuous improvements have resulted in the highest quality and most reproducible clinically available telomere test on the market.

RepeatDx is a licensed private clinical laboratory. Our emphasis is on providing the best telomere length test to physicians. RepeatDx performs telomere length diagnostic testing designed and validated to meet the clinical requirements of standardization, sensitivity, and specificity. We do not perform any other type of clinical diagnostic testing.

RepeatDx is the only clinical laboratory providing telomere length analysis on six cell types from one blood sample. RepeatDx’s 6-panel test provides additional diagnostic information on telomeres that are used by physicians worldwide in assisting them with accurate diagnosis and continued patient care.

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