How Telomere Testing Is Being Used In Hospital Settings

Modified Instruments For Telomere Length Measurement

RepeatDx has received its second three-laser flow cytometer. Both instruments have been modified to achieve optimal telomere length measurements using our flow-FISH procedure. Our technologies available at RepeatDx are built to meet the increasing demand for telomere length measurement for clinical and other research studies. Recent publications have highlighted the role of telomere length measurement […]

Lymphocyte Homeostasis in Acquired Aplastic Anemia is Associated With Short Telomeres

Hepatitis‐associated aplastic anemia (HAA) is a variant of acquired aplastic anemia (AA) in which immune‐mediated bone marrow failure (BMF) develops following an acute episode of seronegative hepatitis. Dyskeratosis congenita (DC) is an inherited BMF syndrome characterized by the presence of short telomeres, mucocutaneous abnormalities, and cancer predisposition. While both conditions may cause BMF and hepatic […]

Shall we call them “telomere-mediated”? Renaming the idiopathic after the cause is found

Editorial Interstitial Lung Disease by Samantha J. Merck and Mary Armanios October 28, 2016. Over the past decade, it has become evident that abnormally short telomeres are a causal risk factor for pulmonary fibrosis in a large subset of patients. Mutations in the genes that code for the telomerase enzyme essential components are the most […]