Full circle from telomere research to clinic – and Repeat!

Geraldine Aubert, who is involved in telomere research

As Director of Clinical Development & Research at RepeatDx, Dr Geraldine Aubert is at the forefront of cutting-edge research partnerships. Here she explains the success of translational telomere research and the importance of striving to learn more.

For many patients and sometimes family members, the diagnostic journey for suspected Telomere Biology Disorders (TBDs) involves several medical assessments and tests. One of these tests can involve their physician sending a blood sample for telomere length testing to Repeat Diagnostics (RepeatDx).

RepeatDx, is a dedicated clinical testing team and laboratory located in North Vancouver, Canada. The laboratory specializes in telomere length testing, and since 2005 we have earned the trust of physicians by performing complex Flow FISH telomere length analysis at the highest quality.

The story of the RepeatDx laboratory is, from my perspective, truly one of success in translational research – the application of new scientific discoveries to contribute to medical care for patients.

The initial research and discovery into telomere length was made possible by the collaborative work of a team of scientists and physicians with the participation of patients and families.

“A quick side note to all who perform, or agree to participate in, research projects and help with making these advances possible, you know who you are – thank you!”

This cooperative work showed that problems in telomere biology were the cause of dyskeratosis congenita and associated diseases, that telomere length was a fundamental measure for diagnosis and that this information could help physicians make optimal treatment decisions.

The RepeatDx laboratory was created specifically to provide this complex telomere length testing to the very best clinical laboratory standards.

Physicians routinely request this test as part of a patient’s medical assessment to aid diagnosis or guide treatment. Researchers utilize telomere length testing in a wide range of clinical research projects. Importantly, test results can also be used to evaluate new potential treatment options.

Our team at RepeatDx works hard to meet progressive goals across the research and clinical care ‘circle’ while maintaining clinical diagnostic testing as our top priority.

I am always keen to hear about any potential research partnerships that RepeatDx could be involved in. As well as performing Flow FISH telomere testing, RepeatDx can help in areas of grant support and provide special discounts for multi-sample research contracts.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss an opportunity, please contact us here.

You can read more about our leadership team here. To find out more about the work we do at RepeatDx, visit our website www.repeatdx.com.