Telomere testing sample preparation

Preparing samples for shipment to RepeatDx for Flow FISH telomere length testing is a simple process, here we run through the equipment needed and the main steps from preparation to shipment.

What is needed for collecting a sample for telomere testing?

There are no specific sample collection / shipping kits required for telomere testing at RepeatDx. However, these can easily be established using widely available supplies, including:

  • EDTA anticoagulant tubes
  • Specimen bag or sealable plastic bag
  • Absorbent material such as paper towel for packing
  • Styrofoam box
  • UN3373 shipping box or similar
  • FedEx Clinical Pak (obtained directly from FedEx, free of charge)

Please note, the phlebotomy supplies required are not included in the list above (with the exception of the EDTA tubes).

What is required to conduct telomere testing at RepeatDx?

In addition to the standard personal information collected for medical testing such as patient name, age and sex, the test requires 5-10ml of blood. No special preparation or fasting is required.

A region-specific requisition form must be completed and signed by the ordering physician and sent with the sample.

If a medical consultation is requested with the test, then additional clinical information is required, and working diagnosis information may be a helpful consideration.

How and when should the sample be shipped for telomere testing?

It is very important to collect and ship the blood specimen in the morning and only from Monday to Wednesday. The sample needs to reach the RepeatDx lab for processing within 48 hours. The sample should be stored at room temperature until pick-up by the courier.

Watch the video below for a helpful walkthrough of the sample preparation process.

There is further information on sample collection and shipping available within the region-specific requisition forms available here.

For a handy flowchart detailing the process of testing telomere length at RepeatDx click here.